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Kansas Location

Selecting a trusted advisor for your finances is a critical decision for shaping your financial future. We focus on clarifying the intricacies of your financial life, allowing you to prioritize what matters most.

The world of financial planning, including taxes, debt management, and retirement preparation, can often seem overwhelming. That’s why we are committed to answering your questions, easing your concerns, and exploring every "what if" scenario related to your finances. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive and personalized strategy that aligns with your aspirations and outlines a clear path from your current financial situation to your desired future. 

No matter your circumstances, we’re here to help you start your journey toward enjoying life on your terms.

If you are not yet a client, but would like to learn more about CGN Advisors, please schedule an initial inquiry.

If you are currently a client, please use this link to schedule an appointment or reach out to your advisor  via email.

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512 Poyntz Ave., Ste. 120, Manhattan, KS 66502