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Why Join CGN Advisors?

Join CGN Advisors, a Fee-Only SEC registered investment advisor with a national footprint, and let us take many of the operations, billing, technology, marketing, compliance and investment management functions off your plate so you can spend more time focusing on what truly matters–financial planning for your clients. Our vision is to provide a best-in-class turnkey RIA platform with superior advisor service that Fee-Only financial advisors leverage to provide superior client service.

Startup fast.

Become an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) in three weeks or less, assuming the Series 65 exam is satisfied or a credential is held for waiver of the Series 65. For comparison, approval for a new state RIA generally takes about three months.

Accelerate growth.

Plug into our turnkey corporate RIA platform to focus on what you do best and let us take care of the rest. CGN Advisors is a “silo” structured advisory firm, which is defined as multiple advisor offices using a shared platform, technology stack, HQ staff and resources, but where each advisor within the firm has their own clients, for which they are individually compensated.

According to a Kitces research report, “…it is worth considering the value of siloing within a larger firm within the early days of growing a practice. By plugging into a larger platform, advisors may be able to better focus their time on the activities which truly drive growth.”

Leverage enterprise resources.

Use our extensive enterprise offerings to gain efficiency. Access our end-to-end technology stack, including additional tools such as client confidential questionnaire, risk questionnaire, financial plan pricing tool, investment policy statement, etc. Obtain great enterprise pricing on Kitces.com Premier membership, NAPFA membership, DPL Financial Partners commission-free insurance, etc. Leverage our in-house paraplanner team and built-in business continuity plan. Plug delegator clients into our professionally managed portfolios.

Benefit from our experience.

Learn from our wins and challenges, don’t spin your wheels.

  • Build relationships. Get involved in your local community through civic, church and other organizations, because it’s the right thing to do and it builds relationships. Get involved in your professional community through organizations like GPN, NAPFA, etc., to collaborate with like-minded advisors and help further the Fee-Only movement.
  • Diversify revenue. Offer hourly-based financial planning, plus ongoing financial planning, plus investment management. Recurring revenue from ongoing client relationships is key.
  • Resist “shiny object syndrome”. Don't research every shiny new software tool, service offering, marketing idea, etc., as it distracts you from taking care of existing clients and engaging new clients.

For additional information please contact: Justin@CGNAdvisors.com

Click here to view our turnkey RIA platform components.