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Fiduciary, Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Management

To Help You Strike A Balance In Your Life Between Enjoying Today And Planning For Tomorrow.

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Our Story.

CGN Advisors was founded in 2011, as a Fee-Only SEC registered investment advisor (RIA) firm. Originally named Garrett Investment Advisors, the firm was founded by Sheryl Garrett (Founder of the Garrett Planning Network) and Justin Nichols (who started working with Sheryl in 2003).

The firm was launched with a vision to: “Provide a best-in-class turnkey RIA platform with superior advisor service that Fee-Only financial advisors leverage to provide superior client service.”

CGN Advisors is a “silo” structured advisory firm, which is defined as multiple advisor offices using a shared platform, technology stack, home office staff and resources, but where each advisor within the firm has their own clients, for which they are individually compensated. Practically speaking, Fee-Only financial planners join CGN Advisors and the firm takes many of the operations, billing, technology, marketing, compliance and investment management functions off their plate so they can spend more time focusing on what truly matters–financial planning for their clients.

In 2019, after the firm was successfully scaled to include numerous offices around the country, Sheryl decided to return her undivided focus to the Garrett Planning Network. Sheryl sold her ownership to Chad Chase and Mike Greim, Justin’s business partners in a similar Fee-Only financial planning and investment management firm local to Manhattan, KS.

In 2021, Nicola Cyr and Roxanne Martens were added to the management team to assist with firm leadership and strategic planning. Through its intentional growth strategy, the firm currently has more than 30 Partner Advisor offices located across the United States.

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