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Slightly different than the traditional "Sell and Stay", which is when an advisor sells their practice and then continues working with clients for a period of time, join CGN Advisors in a Merge→Stay→Sell arrangement.


First, transition your clients to CGN Advisors and maintain your brand as a DBA office of CGN. 


Then, continue to serve your clients by leveraging our turnkey RIA platform, with assurance that a death/disability contingency plan is in place in case something happens to you. Let us take many of the operations, billing, technology, marketing, compliance and investment management functions off your plate so you can spend more time focusing on what truly matters–financial planning for your clients.


Finally, ensure continuity for your clients and realize the value in the business you’ve built by executing a planned succession to CGN.


In our experience, advisors with these characteristics are best fit for our Merge→Stay→Sell arrangement.

  • Prefer to offload operations, compliance and investment management to either achieve scale or simply work less.
  • Need to establish a death/disability contingency plan and/or a business succession plan.
  • Operate, or are ready to transition to, an independent, Fee-Only RIA.
  • Manage $10M - $150M of AUM.
  • Custody primarily at Schwab Advisor Services.
  • Overlap multiple CGN platform components.


  • Advisor with 325 client households, $220M of AUM, coming from National Financial Services (Fidelity's clearing firm) and American Funds.
  • Advisor with 120 client households, $155M of AUM, at Schwab Advisor Services.
  • Advisor with 10 client households, $30M of AUM, at Schwab Advisor Services.

For additional information please contact: Justin@CGNAdvisors.com