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Integrations: Connecting Orion to MoneyGuidePro

Click here to watch the recorded session.

Because Orion is where we house 100% of our managed asset information for reporting and billing purposes, it's the best source of information into a financial planning tool.  This article focuses on how to connect a household in Orion to Money Guide Pro (MGP), how to feed data from MGP into the Orion Client Portal, and various ways to structure the integration.

First Time Setup


  1.  Access a household record in Orion via the search bar on the left, or the +Person symbol (recommended)
  2.  Once open, click the '...' button to the far right > MGP
  3.  This will open a window.  If you have never done this before, it will ask for your MGP login credentials.

money guide pro

  1.  Login > click the Options drop-down > Click Request Orion Authorization
  2. This will open a window and ask for your Orion login credentials to establish the reverse connection.

PLEASE NOTE: this does not have to be done every single time.  Establish the connection between your licenses once, and then refresh anytime the data does not seem to match between Orion and MGP in order to troubleshoot.

Subsequent Households

Once the connection between your licenses is established, you will be able to connect Households to their MGP plans as needed.  Each individual household must be connected - it is not a blanket connection that applies to all households.

After launching a client record from Orion, the MGP pop-up window will ask to search or create a new client.  If you search and find, click the blue 'Link' button to move on to the next screen.

After hitting Link, MGP will ask you to map each account that it is pulling from Orion.

Single Sign-On for Clients to MGP

Once an Orion Household is connected to the MGP plan, you can also optionally connect the MGP plan back to Orion.  This allows the clients to access their MGP plan through their Orion client portal via a single-sign-on button.

  1.  Access a client record in MGP.
  2.  Click on the Manage Client Portal tile > Select which client to provide access.
  3.  Select Guest Access: Allowed; then select a sharing template.  Recommended template is Snapshot, however, you can access a complete guide to each sharing option on MGP's support Knowledge Base.

In order to confirm the connection, access the client's Orion portal.  (Hit the +Person symbol > look up client > click '...' to the far right > click Client Portal.)

Once in the portal, the three triangle symbol on the left navigation menu is the Financial Planning button.  Clicking this should then display the MGP Net Worth statement.  If set up properly in MGP, there will also be a blue 'Access Plan Details' button in the top right, allowing the client to single-sign-on to their MGP Snapshot.  Please note - if you do not see the three triangle button in MGP, submit a Systems > Orion Help Ticket and we will allow access.


Request Orion Authorization

If there is any data that does not match MGP, the most common solution is to go to MGP and repeat the process under Options > Request Orion Authorization.  This is the first solution that the MGP integrations team will suggest if you contact MGP to resolve the issue.

Other common issues solved by refreshing the Orion Authorization:

  • Net Worth statement in client portal not loading
  • Net Worth statement in client portal not accurate/doesn't match MGP
  • Single-sign-on from client portal results in error message

Integrations Tile in MGP

Another strategy to refresh a plan connection is the Integrations tile in MGP.  From here you can break the Orion connection and then re-launch the household from Orion.  You can also manage any accounts that were unintentionally excluded.

Refresh Data

There are a number of 'Refresh' buttons that can be accessed in Orion if the first two solutions don't work.  The first is the refresh button located in the client portal.

The second is accessible through Orion.

  1.  Search the client in the top search bar - this will access the household in the Portfolio Audit app.
  2.  Click the Actions drop down menu > Refresh Money Guide Pro 

As always, please reach out with any questions to Nicola@GarrettAdvisors.com or submit a Help Ticket!