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Account Opening: Part 4 - Final Steps Thumbnail

Account Opening: Part 4 - Final Steps

There are a few additional steps to be taken once accounts are open.

Funding with New Cash or Regular Contributions


If the account is not being funded with a transfer from another investment account, this is an appropriate time to request funding via the established Money Link/Move Money.

This can be accomplished with a Help Ticket > Category: Account Services > Request: Client Requested Cash Management, or if you include a comment in the original account opening ticket that an account will be funded via new cash once established.  Please note that we will do our best at HQ to remember initial funding sent through in the original ticket, however, a safer path is to submit an additional Cash Management ticket once the account is open.

Orion Client Portal

Best practice is to wait to invite the client to the Orion client portal until accounts have been funded.  $0 accounts may or may not have been cleaned up in Orion prior to assets transferring in.  Once the accounts are funded, all advisors have access to invite the clients to the portal themselves, or send a Help Ticket to prompt HQ to complete this step if not done already.

Advisor OR Headquarters

  1.  Login to Orion.
  2.  Click All Applications > Manage Users App
  3.  First, confirm that the user does not already exist by beginning to type their name in the top filter row.
  4.  Click Actions menu > New User, and then search for the client's household in Orion.
  5.  Select the Household, verify the client name and email, then click Save.
  6.  Click the drop down in the next pop-up window and select; 'Send email to user' will prompt an emailed invitation to the client, while 'Show me the temp password' allows you to send them the log in link, username, and password to the client manually.  Please note that the default for HQ will be 'Send email to user.'

Email Nicola@GarrettAdvisors.com with questions or submit a Help Ticket!