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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning Services

Ongoing Financial Planning

We provide the best advice when we have a full understanding of your whole financial picture and can adapt the financial plan as your life situation changes. 

Life changes in unexpected ways and so does your financial situation. As changes develop, you get real-time advice so that we can still make progress towards your financial goals. 

With the ongoing financial planning relationship, you never have to worry about extra fees when new financial questions come up. 

Dealing with new circumstances as they arise allows us to be proactive and adjust other parts of your plan.

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Project-Based Financial Planning

Project-based financial planning is a collaborative process that begins with information collection and ends with a set of recommendations focused on topics chosen by you, the client.  Then, as your financial situation changes, you simply reengage us in the future to ensure you are still on track.


Majority of Project-Based Plans

Narrow the scope of the plan according to your specific situation, then receive recommendations based on the agreed upon topics.


Business Owners,

High Complexity Plans

In depth analysis in all planning categories, including but not limited to income/expense, insurance, estate planning, saving, and investing, as well as business strategy and succession planning.

Financial Planning Topics

This list is not comprehensive.

Pension Annuity Vs. Lump Sum Estate Plan Review Portfolio Analysis
Savings to Meet Goals Cash Flow Management Retirement Contributions
Retirement Projections Education Savings Complex Tax Planning
Social Security Analysis Investment Allocation Debt Pay-Down
Long Term Care Insurance Review Insurance Review Employee Benefit Maximization
Student Loan Review First Home Purchase Rental Income Analysis

Investment Management

Our financial planning services include specific investment recommendations that you can implement. We also offer ongoing investment management services for clients who wish to delegate the management of their portfolio to us. 

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