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We provide Fee-Only financial planning and investment management services, including advice in the broad areas of income & expenses, insurance & estate planning, saving & investing, retirement and giving & enjoying life.  The table below details specific financial planning topics that might be offered by your advisor, and does not represent a comprehensive list.

Financial Planning Topics

Pension Annuity Vs. Lump Sum
Estate Plan Review
Portfolio Analysis
Savings to Meet Goals
Cash Flow Management
Retirement Contributions
Retirement Projections
Education Savings
Complex Tax Planning
Social Security Analysis
Investment Allocation
Debt Pay-Down
Long Term Care Insurance Review
Insurance Review
Employee Benefit Maximization
Student Loan Review
First Home Purchase
Rental Income Analysis

Please know that regardless of the various ways we contractually charge for our services, we feel the best way to serve you is in the form of some type of ongoing relationship. Our Hourly and Fixed services can be accessed as one-at-a-time projects, on your terms. Think of us as your financial planner, available as-needed, like your primary care physician or dentist.

Hourly charges are time-based and generally quoted as an estimated project fee range, with the top-end of the fee range representing the maximum project fee.

Fixed charges are based on the scope and complexity of the project and simply quoted as a fixed project fee, instead of an estimated project fee range.

Ongoing charges may be time based, as in the form of an open-ended hourly engagement, in which time is tracked and invoiced periodically, as ongoing financial planning is completed. Or they may be in the form of fixed fees that are paid on a monthly or quarterly recurring basis.

Investment Supervisory Services (ISS) is an ongoing fee specific to investment management, which is based on the dollar amount of assets being managed (sometimes referred to as “Assets Under Management” (AUM)). ISS fees are generally debited directly from the managed accounts on a monthly or quarterly recurring basis.

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