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Understatement of the year: "the market’s a bit uncertain right now." But remember, the market always comes back. It always recovers.

If you're young and you believe in the resiliency of America, this market meltdown should actually work to your benefit. For example, the dollar cost averaging you're doing by purchasing additional shares every month in your work retirement plan and your IRA means right now you're buying stuff at a lower price. So as long as the market comes back by the time you retire, you bought low and you can sell high (... the point of investing)!

If you're older and you're really nervous, please scroll down and read the posts from May and June of this year. You might need to adjust your asset allocation.

If you look at a graph of the market over a long time horizon, the trend is up. I believe it will come back. Come on, this is the U S of A.

Oh, and will someone please buy the S&P guys a new calculator… $2,000,000,000,000 seems a bit more than a fat finger on the old number cruncher!

And also turn off CNBC.