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Simplify Your Financial Life.

I think that's going to be my new tagline. My current mission statement / vision statement / tagline / slogan is:

"Fee-Only, Hourly, Fiduciary financial advice to help you strike a balance in your life between enjoying today and planning for tomorrow."

I still like that phrase and wholeheartedly believe it, but it's kind of also, "blah, blah, blah... find balance... blah, blah, blah... enjoy today, but plan your future." Maybe too corporate-sounding or pie-in-the-sky or something.

And heck, maybe "simplify your financial life" is too cliché or maybe it's trademarked. (Quick Google search shows some bank in WA state using it, but it doesn't appear to be trademarked. I should probably do some more due diligence there, huh. Seems somebody would have already picked that up.)

I think, and, of course, I could be wrong, that clients really just want me to help them simplify their financial life. "Hey Justin, I have these seven old 401ks from former employers, what should I do with them?" Or, "I have 39 investment options in my retirement plan at work, which ones should I choose?" I think people just want help making sense of it all. They want to streamline it and make it more manageable.

This has always been my goal as a financial planner, but now I want to be a little more direct about it.

Over the next couple musings I'll tell you more about my inspiration to be more direct and I'll show you an example of this effort to simplify.