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How Much is Enough?

$30,000,000/year for 10 years seems a bit much. That’s reportedly what Albert Pujols wants to be paid to stay in St. Louis after the 2011 baseball season. Some baseball insiders suggest he’s been grossly underpaid* during his first 10 seasons with the club so he’s attempting to make up for that and also wants to be the player with the biggest deal ever. A-Rod (with the Yankees, of course) currently holds the record for his $275,000,000 package.

*His first 10 years with St. Louis he made, on average, about $8,500,000/year. Underpaid? It’s all relative, I guess. We are talking about professional baseball after all.

The Pujols package deal is unrealistic for most of us to even fathom. However, I think Pujols should just take a step back and ask himself, “Self, do I really need $300,000,000 over the next 10 years?” “What am I going to do with that money?” “What’s
$300,000,000 going to get me that $200,000,000 can’t?” I think we all can relate, granted in a few-less-zeros sort of way.

My point is we should all have goals for our money. We should always ask ourselves why a higher salary or a bigger investment return is really important.

Last month Gil Meche retired from the Royals. He was due $12,400,000 for the 2011 season. He had another year on his contract, but he’s had issues with his pitching arm and he felt he could no longer help the Royals. He could have had surgery or possibly pitched in relief (versus pitching in the starting rotation). As I understand it, all he really had to do was report to spring training and he would have been eligible to receive his $12,400,000 salary this year. Instead he retired, saying, “The team's done enough for me.” Pretty cool, huh? Really, he was guaranteed more than $12 million dollars and all he had to do was just step onto the field this year to get it. Seems Gil asked himself those questions and realized… he has enough.**

**The fact that the “good guy” in this story played for KC and the other guy plays for St. Louis, the cross-state rivals of my can-we-please-make-it-1985-again Royals, is just a bonus. I really didn’t plan that, but I love it!