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"Good luck mourning me and figuring all that stuff out."

That was my tongue-in-cheek response to my wife yesterday after she said, "I'm not planning on you dying tomorrow, but if you do I don't know how to do any of the financial stuff."

For a number of years I've had some sinus issues and I'm having endoscopic sinus surgery later today. It's an outpatient procedure and, although I signed a waiver saying it could result in leakage of brain fluid and even death, it's a fairly routine procedure and I don't anticipate any problems. But it got my wife thinking, huh?!?

We have all our estate planning documents in place and an appropriate amount of life insurance and such. However, it's been some time since my wife and I sat down and went through it all.  

So, Edee and I are going to sit down and do this very soon and I encourage you to do it as well. Here's a great article from my friend Robert Brokamp, at The Motley Fool, that lays out Instructions for the Afterlife: Preparing for the Inevitable.

Have a great Thanksgiving!