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Our Focus is on You, Not Just the Numbers

We started CGN Advisors because we felt there was a different way—a better way—to do financial planning and investment management. As a fee-only advisory firm, we don’t sell investment or insurance products, so we don’t receive commissions or kickbacks for making recommendations. We feel this minimizes conflicts of interest and is the most objective way to provide financial advice.  

Why CGN Advisors?

We don’t answer to a big corporation, like a brokerage firm or a mutual fund company. We work with clients on a fiduciary basis, meaning our loyalty is to you, our client. With a combined 50+ years of experience in financial services and investments, we understand that each clients' situation is unique, and therefore we do not offer "one size fits all" solutions.  

You have worked hard to get where you are, and to honor that, we work hard to keep you headed in the right direction.  We keep you accountable to your future self, so that you can focus on what matters mostthe life you are living today. 

Individuals & Families

We’ll start by learning about you and the goals that are most important to you. We’ll collaborate with you to create a plan to align your finances with your goals to help you enjoy life on your terms.


Our Financial Planning Principles:

Create a long-term plan

Make a plan based on your unique financial situation. Review your plan regularly and make adjustments as needed. Stick to your plan for the long-term.

Live within your means

Spend less than you earn and save diligently. Use productive debt to grow your assets and avoid consumer debt.

Protect you and your loved ones

Build a proper emergency savings fund. Use insurance to guard against catastrophic losses. Use proper estate planning strategies to plan ahead.

Build a diversified portfolio of quality investments

Invest for the long-term. Buy stocks of quality companies that have a proven track record of growth. Buy bonds of quality companies that generate income, provide for additional diversification and help control risk.

Enjoy life on your terms

Position yourself to be able to take family vacations, enjoy your hobbies, live your dreams, volunteer your time and give generously.


Ongoing Financial Planning

At CGN Advisors, we believe clients receive the most value for comprehensive financial planning when services are provided in the context of a long-term, ongoing relationship. We provide the best advice when we have a full understanding of your whole financial picture and can adapt the financial plan as your life situation changes. Life changes in unexpected ways and so does your financial situation. As changes develop, you get real-time advice so that we can still make progress towards your financial goals. With the ongoing financial planning relationship, you never have to worry about extra fees when new financial questions come up. Dealing with new circumstances as they arise allows us to be proactive and adjust other parts of your plan. For these reasons, the ongoing financial planning service is our flagship service at CGN.  

Ongoing financial planning services typically range from $100-$300 per month.


Fixed Fee Packages

We also recognize that for some situations, a more limited financial planning engagement is appropriate.  For this reason, we have developed one-time financial planning packages.

Comprehensive Financial Plan - $2,000

Our most thorough, holistic planning package. May include:

  • Savings requirements for your goals
  • Tax savings strategies
  • Investment portfolio analysis
  • Estate plan review
  • Retirement savings or withdrawal strategies
  • Pension annuity vs. lump sum comparison
  • Social Security analysis and timing
  • Comprehensive insurance analysis
  • College funding strategies

 Early Career - $1,000

Designed for young professionals to get on the right track. May include:

  • Cash flow management
  • Debt pay down strategies
  • Target savings amount for retirement
  • Employee benefit maximization
  • Insurance analysis
  • Investment allocation and recommendations

 Financial Checkup - $500

Complete a brief questionnaire, come in for a meeting, and receive a snapshot analysis and recommendation. May include:

  • Investment allocation
  • College savings options
  • Insurance review
  • Debt management
  • Saving strategies


Our financial planning services include specific investment recommendations that you can implement. We also offer ongoing investment management services for clients who wish to delegate the management of their portfolio to us. Learn more about our investment services.

Business Owners

Company Retirement Plans

Company retirement plans require careful planning and implementation as well as ongoing oversight, guidance, and management. As an independent fiduciary, we work with employers to design a plan, identify service providers, and educate plan participants. We’ll develop and oversee a lineup of investment options, including professionally managed risk-based portfolios.

We are able to work with essentially any type of retirement plan, including but not limited to:

  • Profit Sharing Plan (PSP)
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Individual 401(k) Plan (Solo k)
  • 403(b)
  • Pension Plan
  • Cash Balance Plan

We offer consulting and advisory services for business owners and entrepreneurs. As local entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the complexities of starting, managing, and growing a business. Services can include advice on business structure, projections, growth & strategic planning, employee benefits, and risk analysis. We can also work with other professionals to create a team that can help with all your business needs.

Our financial planning services include specific investment recommendations that you can implement. We also offer ongoing investment management services for clients who wish to delegate the management of their portfolio to us. Learn more about our investment services.

Institutions & Non-Profits

We offer consulting and advisory services for non-profit organizations and institutions. Our team has been and are currently involved in various charitable organizations around the community, and as such, understand the unique challenges each organization faces. Services range from advice on organization structure and risk analysis to financial policies and guidelines. We work directly with your team and other outside professional advisors to create a team to surround your organization’s needs.

As part of the service we provide to institutions and non-profits, we can also make specific investment recommendations. We also offer ongoing investment management services for clients who wish to delegate the management of their portfolio to us. Learn more about our investment services.


We’ll develop a personalized investment plan for you and then handle the day-to-day management of your portfolio.  


Our Investment Management Principles:

Long-Term Focus

Investing is a long-term endeavor requiring patience.  Avoid chasing trends and returns.

Disciplined Research-Driven Process

Following a consistent, repeatable process grounded in principles leads to success over time.

Control Costs

Keeping an eye on costs can make a difference over time.  Investment costs include internal expenses of mutual funds and/or ETFs, transaction costs and tax consequences.


Focusing on diversification and quality can reduce volatility as well as risk of not reaching investment objectives.

Active/Passive Management

As opposed to choosing between active or passive investments, efficiently constructing portfolios among active and passive investment, combined with active portfolio decisions can add excess risk-adjusted returns over time.


We offer professional investment management in conjunction with ongoing financial planning services starting at 0.50% annually based upon the value of the portfolio.  This is in addition to financial planning fees.  Alternatively, we provide professional investment management on a stand alone basis starting at 0.75% annually.


At CGN Advisors, we believe that the key to successful investment management lies within a long-term approach and a sound consistent research driven process. We provide professionally managed portfolios focusing on risk management and controlling costs. We have developed three core strategies which we offer along with a tactical asset allocation strategy. 

CGN Core Stock Portfolio

This strategy is intended to provide an active “Core” allocation to the overall stock market, with an emphasis on risk management and controlling costs. Portfolios are constructed with broad representation across economic sectors, market capitalization, and geographic region. Stock selection focuses on Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) and Dividend Growth, seeking high-quality, well-managed companies selling at attractive valuations with above average earnings and dividend growth.

Portfolios are generally fully invested (less than 5% cash), consisting of 35-50 securities and may include positions in mutual funds and/or ETFs when appropriate for client circumstances. In line with the long-term nature of the process, the goal is to provide superior risk-adjusted investment results over a full market cycle (typically 3-5 years) relative to the S&P 1500 Index.

CGN Core Bond Portfolio 

This strategy is intended to provide a suitable level of current income with an emphasis on capital preservation while providing diversification to stock portfolios. Portfolios are constructed across maturity structure, sectors, and geographic regions. Bond selection focuses on relative valuation and investment-grade debt, primarily investing in government, corporate, and mortgage-backed securities.

Portfolios generally consist of 10-20 securities with weighted average maturity between three and seven years, an average credit quality of A or better, and may include positions in mutual funds, ETFs and cash when appropriate for client circumstances. Additionally, when client tax situations dictate, we build the portfolio with high-quality municipal bonds, generally in a laddered structure.

CGN Balanced Core Portfolios (Stocks & Bonds):

This strategy combines CGN’s Core Stock and Core Bond strategies to create a “Core” asset allocation portfolio based upon individual clients’ objectives, risk-tolerance, time-horizon, and preferences. Portfolios are generally constructed with a long-term stock target between 20% and 90% and normally include an allocation between 10% and 30% to CGN Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies.

CGN Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies:

CGN has created five strategies with various levels of risk from aggressive to conservative utilizing a core/satellite approach. These strategies provide broad exposure to “core” asset classes similar to those found in the CGN Core Stock and CGN Core Bond portfolios in addition to “satellite” asset classes that provide additional diversification, improving the portfolio’s risk/return profile.

Portfolios generally consist of 5-20 low cost ETFs and/or index mutual funds. Over time, CGN will “tactically” over-weight or under-weight allocations to these positions relative to long-term targets based upon changing market and macroeconomic conditions and opportunities. Given our focus on risk management, we believe it is important that our tactical decisions do not compromise clients’ objectives and risk-tolerance. As such, we have defined acceptable ranges for target allocations.

While CGN Tactical Allocation Strategies may be appropriate as standalone portfolios, they are generally utilized within a broader portfolio strategy in conjunction with CGN’s Core Strategies


Our Team

Our team of advisors is made up of native mid-westerners who are passionate about helping youour families, our friends, our neighborsplan for the future. 

We work with clients throughout Northeast Kansas including: Manhattan, Clay Center, Marysville, Wamego, Topeka, Council Grove, Emporia, Junction City, Abilene, Salina and surrounding cities

Chad Chase, JD, CTFA

Principal & Chief Executive Officer

Mike Greim

Principal & Chief Investment Officer

Justin Nichols, CFP®

Principal & Chief Planning Officer

Kathy Switzer

Director of Client Services

Stuart Heckman, PhD, CFP®

Financial Planner

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